August 20, 2012

Take several acting classes.  This should actually be TIP #1, but I saved it for now because while many people tend to think that it's all about the voice, once they learn that they also need to know how to act, they can get discouraged.  I certainly did.  I remember t...

August 12, 2012

I am both humbled and honored to be an honorary contestant in Southern California's Natural Beauty Pageant, representing such a wonderful foundation as P.I.N.K. CEO Jennifer Davis is a true inspiration for having started the foundation and for her own persistence and l...

August 8, 2012

Know what you sound like.  Record yourself reading a passage of a book or magazine article, and listen back. Notice your pronunciation and diction.  Play with your different voices.


The first time you hear your own voice playing back on a recording is always weird...

August 1, 2012

Know when to shut up!  Yes, you have a talent.  You can sound like Bart Simpson, Donald Duck, or even a chipmunk.  Great!  But, don't do it all the time just because you have an audience.  It gets annoying.  Fast.  Pretty soon, the people in your life that thought it w...

July 27, 2012

Be nice.  Really?  Do I have to tell you this?  Actually, yes.  I do.  As I mentioned in TIP #1, you never know who might be listening when you are talking.  Make sure to use the acronym W.A.I.T.  Which stands for Why Am I Talking?  Make sure the things that come out o...

July 23, 2012

Talk!!!  Tell people what you want to do.  Living in Los Angeles, you meet someone who wants to be an actor at nearly every corner.  I discovered that many people in the industry found it refreshing that I was not yet another wannabe starlet who longed to be in the spo...

July 17, 2012

As a professional voice actress, I am often asked, “How does one get into voice overs?”  Well, the way I got started goes something like this:  Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved cartoons.  Even as a kid, I knew those characters that I adored were given voice...

July 17, 2012

A huge thank you to everyone at KuroNekoCon in Spokane, WA!  It was such a blast to be there and meet all the great fans!  I hope to make it back again.

May 17, 2012

Thanks so much to DJ Christmas and 91.8 the fan for a wonderful interview and allowing me to share my love of anime and voice overs! 


I look forward to talking with you again soon!



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